To use the system, the surgeon positions the camera in the patient’s abdomen in the optimal position for viewing the surgical site. The camera module pans and tilts to follow the tool controlled by the surgeon's dominant hand. This automation is a key feature and is based on the use of proprietary "tool tracking" software.

The benefits of the Visibot Visualization System over traditional laparoscopic imaging for MIS conventional imaging technology include:

The Visibot Visualization System consists of two components, 1) an insertable camera module and 2) a controller box. The two components are connected with a small tether.

  • The camera module includes a high definition camera, integrated LED's for illumination, lens wash nozzle, and pan and tilt functionality.

  • The Controller Box includes a computer and a user interface. Loaded on the computer is image processing software, tool tracking software for automation of pan and tilt, and a touch panel for displaying the image and controlling system functions.

Restores control of visualization to the surgeon

  • Surgeon positions camera to start the case

  • Automated control of image during surgery

Surgeon Control

Disposable, single use camera module

  • Eliminates need for reprocessing

  • Eliminates risk of disease transmission

Single Patient Use

Overall reduced cost per case for visualization

  • Fixed cost per case

  • Eliminates need for expensive capital equipment

Cost Effective

Efficient setup and cleanup

  • Simplified preparation and assembly

  • Rapid insertion and positioning

Improved Efficiency

Superior image quality

  • First use image quality every case

  • Optimal positioning of camera module for each case

Image Quality