Although each member of the management team has individual expertise in specific aspects of medical technology development and commercialization, it is the collective expertise that provides strong leadership for Platform Imaging. Among and between members of the management team, there is overlapping expertise in technology development, intellectual property, regulatory approval, and the commercialization process.


Frank DeBernardis
Business Development Consultant


Co-Founder Nascent Enterprises, LLC with 30 years medical device experience: cardiovascular, orthopedic, business development, strategic planning, sales/marketing. Previously held positions and awards: Founder of numerous medical device start-ups; Executive Vice President, Meadox Medical, Inc.; Vice President Marketing and Sales, PhysioControl, National Sales Manager. Medtronic; 1993 Entrepreneur of the Year, New Jersey Life Sciences, Inc. Magazine.

Dennis Fowler, MD MPH
Chief Executive Officer

Co-Inventor of Platform Imaging Technology.

Previously held positions: Exec. VP at Titan Medical Inc; Professor of Surgical Science and the Director of the Center for Innovation and Outcomes Research at Columbia University; V.P. – Medical Director of Perioperative Services at New York Presbyterian; and Director of the Minimal Access Surgery Centers in both New York and Pittsburg. Pioneer in the field of endoscopic surgery.

Peter Allen, PhD
Chief Scientific Officer


Co-Inventor of Platform Imaging technology. Professor of Computer Science at Columbia University, Director of the Columbia Robotics Laboratory. Recipient of the CBS Foundation Fellowship, Army Research Office fellowship and the Rubinoff Award for i nnovative uses of computers. Current research interests include real-time computer vision, dexterous robotic hands, 3-D modeling and medical robotics. Named a Presidential Young Investigator by the National Science Foundation.