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  •  VisibotTM is a disposable, miniaturized, fully insertable module with automated pan and tilt functionality to replace the standard camera, laparoscope, and light source to provide a less invasive option for patients, superior visualization, decreased surgical footprint and increased efficiencies for all stakeholders.

female front surgw 2others.jpg
female front surgw 2others_edited.jpg

Surgeon regains control of image

   No camera holder required

   Automated pan/tilt

Camera may be positioned anywhere within the abdomen for optimal view

No removing camera for fogging or lens cleaning

    Distal LED's = No fogging

    Lens washing feature

First use image quality each case


Reduced ports x 1

     Camera insertion port becomes        instrument port



No camera holder required 
     FTE can be re-purposed

Saves time and money
     Simple equipment set-up/tear down
     Single component/disposable
     No reprocessing
     1 less incision/trocar

Surgical Staff

Pleasant Title



Less invasive option

Less Infection risk

One less incision

Better visualization of pathology

Abstract administrator.jpg
Abstract administrator_edited.jpg

   Reduce staffing requirement

      1 less FTE/laparoscopy

   Cost savings/procedure

      Reduced: procedure time

      OR time, supplies, capital        

      equipment, service contracts

   Decreased risk to patient

      1 less incision

      No reprocessed devices


VisibotTM has not been submitted for regulatory approval and therefore is not yet available for commercial sale or clinical use.

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