About Us

Platform Imaging, LLC, is a medical device company that is developing and commercializing robotic visualization technology for minimally invasive surgery (MIS). The core technology for the VisibotTM Visualization System (Visibot) was initially conceived and developed at Columbia University to overcome many of the challenges associated with using currently available imaging technology. The founders created Platform Imaging to develop the commercial product and revolutionize the way MIS is performed.

Visibot’s commercial advantages:

  • Better visualization

    • First use image quality every time

  • Improved operational efficiency

    • Automatic tracking of tools removes the need for support staff or surgeon to reposition camera saving time and cost

  • Improved cost efficiency

    • Fixed cost per case from single use disposable camera

Each co-founder brings different expertise to the management team, but all believe that this technology will significantly advance MIS. Dr. Dennis Fowler has extensive backgrounds in both the clinical practice of MIS and in the commercial development of surgical technology. Frank Debernardis has extensive experience in founding startups and developing and commercializing medical devices. Dr. Peter Allen has extensive experience developing robotic technology for many applications, including medical devices. The skills of each founder both complement and overlap the skills of the other founders, resulting in an exceptionally experienced management team. As a team, they are focused on bringing a transformative product into the MIS marketplace.